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I had a terrible toothache and have no dental insurance. I went to Dr. Grosser, it was late Friday and the office was about to close. This  Dentist took me in and took care of me, he is the most compassionate person  I met. His front desk lady even stayed with me during my extraction because  I was afraid. She stayed by my side while his assistant helped the Doctor.  The Doctor gave me a break too since I didn't have insurance. I would  definitely go back. The procedure was done great, he was gentle and caring. 
 -Jesus Catalan

 I would like to express my heartfelt thankfulness to Dr. Grosser, I broke my tooth and needed a root canal, but I am no ordinary patient, I am a real chicken with dental procedures that stemmed from a childhood bad experience. I am really scared and I literally have to stop to go to the bathroom during the procedures. I also have to hold my own suction because I have a horrible gag reflex. Anyway you get the picture. Dr. Grosser has always been patient, understanding, kind and compassionate and never judgmental. I thank you for not only making my visits emotionally comfortable but a pleasant one as well. I didn’t feel a thing during the root canal. You have gentle hands. God bless you and your staff. 
 -Lori G.

 Dr. Grosser is caring, kind and knows his stuff. I am happy to be his patient. 

 I love Dr. Grosser, he goes out of his way for me and my family. The staff is always happy to help and goes above and beyond. 
 Sophi K.

 I needed a dentist and Dr. Grosser drove 2 hours to help me. He is a gentle and caring professional. 
 Mike S.

 thank you for all that you do. 
 Mildred Kane

 A pleasant atmosphere and staff. The Office is welcoming and bright. Front desk always greets with a smile on their face. Dr. Grosser is caring, gentle and understanding to his patients needs. The Staff and Dr will work with you to make your experience a great visit. 
 Robert K.

 “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy calling your office and speaking with your staff. They are personable and friendly. I also enjoy coming into the office. You have made my experience a comfortable one.”
 - Cathy Gallinger

 I have been a patient for 10 years and when I first arrived I was terrified of dental experiences. The entire staff was reassuring and extremely competent. They are understanding and willing to go the extra mile to deal with a phobic patient. Dr. Zweifler has merged with Dr. Grosser- Both are excellent Doctors whom I trust implicitly on all levels. I still can’t say I love going to the Dentist, but I DO love all the warm and professional people here when I arrive. They turn a would be nightmare for a phobic patient into a pleasant dream…. And I leave smiling. 
 –Ginny Perre-Dowd

 I wish to send my heartfelt thanks for giving me my smile back. I never realized it bothered me so much and in hindsight do not why I waited so long. You made it quick and painless and have given me a new lease on life!!!! I truly appreciate the discount you gave to me, it was the incentive I needed as I am normally the one taking care of others in a similar way. So again, thank you, with a huge smile….. 
 - Karen Trauma

 Cant thank you enough for being so nice, we have a lot to be thankful for-even when times are tough. I’m thankful for all of you! 
 -Ellen Ryan

 Service is great and the staff is friendly and professional! 
 Joseph D.

 I have had very pleasant experiences. All of the staff is very friendly and makes you feel completely comfortable. Dr. Grosser is so nice! 
 Shauna D.

 A superior dental office in every way beginning with Dr. Grosser and his quality dentistry. 
 Antonia B.

 Jaw dropping efficiency! 
 Lou L.

 Have always appreciated the care and work in Dr. Grosser's office - feel confident with his explanations and procedures and complimented often on my smile! 
 Jeanie S.